Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Money really CAN buy anything!

This gem is courtesy the Purdue Usenet server...

From: redacted 
Subject: Grass-fed Goat Meat
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 15:19:49 -0500
Organization: Purdue University

One 20-month-old Boer goat doe for sale. The doe weighs approximately
75 pounds which should yield between 37 and 45 pounds of packaged meat.
It was raised primarily on pasture/hay with small amounts of grain as
a supplement.

For more information on the benefits of grass-fed meat, see the
following links:

A) $100 live with free delivery in Lafayette
B) $175 butchered, you pick up packaged meat at the butcher (Monon
Meat Packing Co. in Monon, IN)
C) $190 butchered, we deliver packaged meat in the Lafayette area

Inquiries: (xxx) xxx-xxxx or redacted _at_


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